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A philosophical approach to understanding the current markets.

A lot of folks around here are losing money and not understanding the current market. It occurred to me that if the sub as a whole understood a single philosophical approach to the market this may lead to a little less salt going around.

For this exercise we're going to deal with 5 individuals – Fred, Frank, Tammy, Julie and Alex.

Fred has a thing for Tammy, Frank has a thing for Julie and Alex has a thing for both Fred and Julie.

A mixer comes along and Fred hits Tammy up, they go home together so Alex approaches Julie as Fred is gone but doesn't realize that Julie is straight, resulting in Frank and Julie going home together.

Do you see how this correlates to the current market? It's quite simple really. But in the event you missed the point lets mix things up to show another scenario.

The following week another mixer rolls around and Alex jumps into the fray quickly, hitting up Fred, who learned after his night with Tammy that he's actually gay – Alex and Fred go home together. Julie and Frank meet up in the shed and quickly decide to finish their reunion at home, leaving Tammy alone at the party.

Philosophically both of these scenarios are exactly like the current market – Everyone is fucked.

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