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Covid is getting extremely bad in my area. Almost all of my friends went to Halloween parties and have been going out since. One by one they are testing positive, and the ones that are supposed to be isolating don't even care and are still going out shopping and to the gym, etc. I work part-time at a gas station and I still see people without masks on the daily, our gasoline demand has been back on the downtrend since mid-October as well.

This vaccine news is great but looks more like a market pump and dump to me. It doesn't really matter how amazing this vaccine is if they are only producing 50 million doses in 2020. Covid is a now issue, with cases rising exponentially, 50 million is nowhere near enough for the US let alone the world. I hope I'm wrong, I'd happily lose this money if it meant my friends and family were safe, but I just don't see that happening anytime soon. What would be even worse is if this causes the government to not be urgent on another stimulus, many people need stimulus now, but this vaccine pump might cause a stimulus delay till Biden takes office.

Source: https://www.ctvnews.ca/health/coronavirus/pfizer-says-covid-19-vaccine-is-looking-90-per-cent-effective-1.5180541

"Also, whenever a vaccine does arrive, initial supplies will be scarce and rationed, with priority likely to be given to health care workers and others on the front lines. Pfizer has estimated that 50 million doses of its two-shot vaccine could be available globally by the end of 2020, which could cover 25 million people."

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